Time and Holidays


It takes Eos 360 days to travel around it’s sun. This year is split up into 12 months, each with 30 days:



Each month has it’s own holiday to be celebrated, each with a rich history and culture.

New Years Day 1st of Deepwinter – The New Year is always celebrated with merriment, a feeling of rebirth, and a moral clean slate for all!

Lover’s Bliss 24th of Frostfang – A holiday in celebration of love and affection, particularly important to the elves, and honors The Goddess Eowyn

Pantry’s Drain 14th of Winterwane – The cold of Winter is ebbing, and fresh food is around the corner! The holiday gives excuse to empty the cupboards and feast!

Yondalla’s Day 4th of Rainmelt – A day of fertility as nature wakes from it’s yearly slumber! Especially important with the Halflings.

Grog Grumm 13th of Firstseed – A day of might and strength, celebrated with tournaments of manhood, reenactments of great battles, and heavy drinking. Especially holy to The Orks, and their god, Gruumsh.

Kazad’s Rest 25 of Brightstar – No work is done this day to commemorate the rest of the the dwarven god Kazad. Laborers and Artisans are praised for their skill and commitment to craft.

Summer Solstice 25th of Midsummer- On the longest day of the year, feasting and drinking late into the night is prominent on this holiday.

Paladium 5th of Highsun – A civic holiday honoring those who keep the peace through the land. Celebrated with parades of soldiers and veterans.

Green Sleep 3rd of Lastlight – A celebration and mourning of nature till it rebirths again. Especially important to the Elves.

Barrow Eve 18 of Redfall – The day of the deceased, the holiday is celebrated with visits to cemeteries, as well as ghoulish mischief.

Harvest Sun20th of Firstfrost – The last harvest of the year, it is time to reap the bounty with feasting and drinking.

Winter Solstice 25th of Longnight – The longest night of the year brings a holiday for gift giving and somber reflection.

Time and Holidays

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