(Human) – Justice, Courage, Loyalty Sword


(Dwarf) – Labor, Smith, Mining Hammer


(Elf) – Beauty, Art, Music, Nature Circlet


(Halfling) – Harvest, Fertility, Cheer Sickle


(Orc) – War, Strength, Aggression Axe


(Gnome) – Cleverness, Thriftiness, Humor Driver


(Undead) – Decay, Tombs, Spiders Scythe


(Demon) – Evil, Hell, Possession Claws and Horns

Creation Myth

“At the start, the physical plane was void and starlight. Naught existed but the Gods. Bored in their infinite planes, The Gods created a world of great water to gaze in. Now the gods could see themselves and knew their own power. Paladine, the most noble of the Gods, wished to bring order and justice to the waters, and so he asked Kazad, the great Dwarven smith to forge him a great sword of justice which he quenched in the great waters of Eos. When Paladine removed the sword from the waters, a single drop fell from the blade and fell back into the water. This drop hardened and became the largest continent of Talduria, the great land of Estra and created all the race of men.
Then Eowyn, elf goddess of beauty and magic, asked Kazad for a circlet. Again he forged the metal, and when it was quenched, a single drop created The Shimmering Isles and all the race of elves.
Then Gruumsh, the orc God of War, asked for a mighty axe, and the drop from its quenching created Droth-Kalel and all the races of Orc and Goblin.
Then Yondalla, halfling goddess of harvest and cheer, asked for a sickle to tend to the fields. The drop from the forging landed on Estra and created the hills of Proudtop and the race of halfling.
Lastly, Zanpip, the clever gnome God wished a driver to create and invent, to better the lands, and the forging created Gnomerune and the race of gnomes.
Finally done with his work, Kazad quenches hit hot hammer in the waters, and the drops fell on Estra, creating the great mountains and the race of dwarves. But there were two who were jealous of the other gods new treasures.
Lolth, skeletal God of the undead, and Asmodeus, God of evil, together forged their own instruments. For Lolth, a scythe who’s forging created Alterdom, the undead, and the great spiders.
For Asmodeus, talons and horns were forged, and he carved into the world the Cranglands, and created demons and dragons and all that is evil. Eons passed and the wars and peaces of the races of Talduria carried on.


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