The port town of Breakwater is the most northerly point in Estra. It serves as the entrance for merchant ships holding raw material from Alterdom Shore. It has recently hit an economic depression do to the lack of boats crossing the sea as of late. It has also been attacked by the undead like other cities in the North. It is ruled by, who fears his city is soon to be plunged into full scale anarchy.

The port town of Breakwater

Recently the town has been under siege by a port workers riot, based around the tavern, The Feisty Merman.


Vagran The Hookwrist – A dock worker and leader of the strike
Captain Shoreworth of Breakwater – Ship Captain
Lord Buckenplank of Breakwater – Lord of Breakwater

Map of breakwater

Places of Interest

  1. The Feisty Merman Tavern
  2. Captain Shoreworth’s House
  3. Town Blacksmith
  4. Salt Tree Park and Market
  5. Town Stables
  6. Training Area
  7. Breakwater Port
  8. Cemetery
  9. Church of The Six
  10. Town Guard Barracks
  11. Breakwater Castle


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